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Steve Marlow

Steve Marlow | Vice President

Phone: (262) 255-6667

Fax: (262) 255-7168



Mon - Thu


Sat - Sun


N114 W18548 Clinton Drive, 

P.O. Box 835, 

Germantown, WI 53022


7am - 4pm

7am - 3pm




At Marlow, we excel in innovation. 


Marlow Machining is a tightly-knit, family run manufacturer. Our team of highly experienced craftspeople is committed to meeting deadlines and delivering the best quality. If you have an idea, we'll work with you to make it happen at the best value possible. We will turnaround quotes in 24 hours or less, even for custom orders. And we ensure responsive and honest communication on delivery status.


Our goal is to meet your requirements in the most efficient, productive way possible. We’re here to listen to you, respect your time and money, and make the process as easy as possible. Keeping promises to our customers is what we do best.


With over 45 years of experience, we’ve proven ourselves time and time again.  


We have a long and consistent experience with manufacturing and machining. Don Marlow began this business originally in his basement in 1973, taking his passion for quality, custom metalworking to an evolving business. Marlow has grown in many ways in the years since then, but the sense of family and passion within the company have not left. In fact, the employee who’s been at Marlow for the least amount of time still has almost two decades with the company. 


That’s family. That’s dedication. That’s Marlow.


Thank you!

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